Claire Fitch /
Open Mic Cellists / Lakiko

Festival opening (Performances)
Date: Friday 8th February
Time: Doors 8pm
Venue: The Workman’s Club
Price: €15


OPENING NIGHT feat. Claire Fitch, Open Mic Night, Lakiko

Spike, Dublin’s alternative cello festival, will be back for its third installation Friday 8th-Sunday 10th February 2019 in venues across Dublin. After the festival’s hugely successful, entertaining and innovative 2017 & 18 incarnations, the 2019 programme will present unique events with some of the most talented and exciting cello artists & friends from home and abroad.

Then, in the first of the evenings at The Workman’s Club, Irish games composer and cellist Claire Fitch will premiere an interactive gaming piece for cellos and a big screen, commissioned by Spike. Claire, formerly a cellist in the RTÉNSO, has been writing music and creating sound effects for games since 2003, ranging from loud action shooters to quiet and cute educational games. For Spike she has created a project which will call on two cellists to react to movements on screen, as if playing a game, to create a piece of music. After this performance there will be an open mic chance for visiting and resident cellists to perform their own works in five fifteen-minute slots hosted by the festival.

Spike Cello Fest are also joining forces with The Dublin Jazz Co-op to present a special set by Bosnian cellist Lakiko. Lakiko's music is an attempt to write her musical biography. For this reason, her music resembles an oriental bazaar, where you can find the rebellion of the medieval Bogumils, the clear structures of classical music up to experimental soundscapes - the music of her own brain waves. Her hallmark is the clear, mystical voice, the expressive cello playing framed by the relentless repetition of the loops.