Cello Ireland - Created and Run By Una Ni Chaniann (NSO)


Cello Voce – (especially created for Spike Cello Fest 2018)

Cello Voce is a collaborative project which brings together  five of Ireland’s cellist/singer/songwriters, the  four cellists  of Cello Ireland and Liam OMaonlai, a singer whose musical journey has  brought him all over the world, exploring the music of Africa, India, America, Australia and Japan. Liam’s earliest  influence is the Sean-Nos style of singing, and to this day remains his true love.

Each of the cellist/singer-songwriters has a completely unique style of singing, playing and indeed composition, and come from very different muical backgrounds.

The group will workshop together on arrangements of 2 songs from each artist, most of which is original material, apart from one or two songs from the Irish tradition, including Anach Cuan which will be sung by Liam, accompanied by the group of cellists. It is hoped that Liam and Cello Ireland will work  on  new material also.

This project brings these cellists together in a new setting, and presents  new work as well as new settings of original material. Within Cello Voce  there will be a  crosspollination of the  various styles and influences which each artist brings to the project and the resulting concert performance will be a wonderful evening, celebrating the cello, the voice, the Irish tradition and an amalgamation of styles and compositions.

It is likely that this collaboration will continue and develop into the future.